PPM Vortrag auf dem Productmanagement-Festival

Product Management Festival, 17.09.2014, 14:45, Zürich, CH

Crossing the strategic gap with product portfolio management

Within an organization, products and its product managers compete for resources, such as R&D manpower, marketing budget, share of voice within sales, to name a few. But even within the own product realm, a product manager must decide, where to put the energy.  To avoid friction and frustration, quick and clear decisions are needed. But often, a “strategic gap” hinders the players: On product level, the power to decide is too small, on departmental level the view too narrow and on corporate level the strategy too abstract. Product portfolio management (PPM) is a method to close this gap. The comparative nature of PPM helps to decide specifically, in which product areas the available resources should go and effectively aligns the energy of the organization along its corporate strategy.  The presentation will illustrate the benefits of PPM, typical critical business situations and how selected practical tools from the PPM tool kit can be applied to solve these situations.

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